Carla Herzenberg Yoga

Inversions & 
B  A  L  A  N  C  E  S 

Head, Hand & Forearm Stands
align, hold, balance, play

Saturday, April 16

Take your practice to the next level by refining, deepening or just learning the proper alignment of deeper inversions & balances from beginner to advanced variations!

This 2-Hour workshop will be focused on the enlivening and deeply empowering poses of headstand, handstand, forearm-stand. These asanas help to build our inner & physical strength, sense of play, & courage. We will create lightness and space in the body & mind to incorporate into our daily practice.


We will start by breaking down step by step specific from their foundation using props and the wall. You will have the opportunity / time to ask questions and play in this workshop style class. Then, for those who are ready, we will move into more advanced variations, think binds in the legs, scorpion tail and partner work. I will also add a few deep backbends ( beautiful counter asanas to inversions) breaking down alignment and playing with a few advance variations including Standing Mermaid.  I will demo as I teach, pausing for questions & I will be giving hands on adjustments for alignment to keep you safe and help you go deeper.


This will be a powerful, challenging, fun & inspired workshop for EVERY LEVEL! Deep, full & bright! Perfect if you are new to yoga and want to understand the fundamentals of inversions and balances with proper alignment and using props or if you are a seasoned yogi and want to go to the next level in binding and variations. Come ready to learn, laugh & sweat.

You will leave with a few new tricks to pepper into your daily flow and a deeper connection to your practice. The last 10-15 minutes I will lead a guided meditation & savasana with adjustments designed to smooth out the body and mind.