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Flow to Wine Dec.2023

Join us for an amazing Flow to Wine night!

Melt deep into this event with a fluid and smooth evening vinyasa led by Metta Yoga Co-Owner & Teacher Carla Herzenberg set to a 60 min. deep evening house and soulful groove. Together the flow and vibrations of sound will lift the frequency in the room, in your body and connect us all so we can glide into toasting (wine, bubbly or kombucha) and learning about the healing powers and sampling CBD jellies, cocktails and mocktails.

Erin Chun, from Green Compass will reveal what all the hype is about CBD for your everyday wellness. Come find out the healing powers of the hemp plant. Erin will talk about different ways to incorporate CBD into your lifestyle so that you are feeling the best you can. You can sample our CBD Jellies, CBD topical cream, our best selling Collagen with CBG and cocktails (alcohol or nonalcohol). Erin joined the company after taking  Green Compass CBD and feeling improvement in sleep, patience with her kids and  better blood sugar regulation. She has enjoyed watching her customers feel better in ways that are personalized to their own health issues. She joined Green Compass in 2023 with the hope of sharing the healing power of CBD with her community.


SIGN UP , this will be an event full of joy, light, flow and love! Come learn and play!


Cost: $35 (10% off for Metta Yoga members applies automatically at checkout)

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