Alignment Workshop


For the Advanced and the Newbie Yogi

Saturday, August 20

Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced student who never got the basics of alignment and want to explore ways to deepen your practice, this workshop is for you.

Often we jump on the mat for our first yoga class, fall in love with the flow and away we go! We gloss over learning proper alignment and breathing. Going back and revisiting or learning the fundamentals of foundational yoga poses including alignment and breathwork will give you freedom in your body, protect you from injury and allow you to GROW your practice (think warrior I, II, III, Triangle, Standing balances and Backbends including more advanced variations).

The difference of doing a yoga pose in optimal alignment, rather than simply dropping into the asana is like night and day. With proper alignment you receive all the strength building, mind and breath benefits and it just feels amazing! Knowing the alignment principles also means you can dive into more advanced poses with ease. Growing your practice and yogic connection.