Carla Herzenberg Yoga

Sayonara Workshop

Float, Cleanse  & Reboot


 June 5, 2021, Kichijoji, BayFlow Yoga,


¥4000 (cash at lesson)

This will be a powerful, challenging, fun & inspired workshop for all levels! We will dive into a 3-Hour Vinyasa filled with empowering poses that teach us about our inner strength, playfulness, and courage, as well as, our ability to create lightness and space in the body and mind. As we flow, I will pause to breakdown & demonstrate alignment of variations asanas in the sequence to help you go deeper, grow your practice and learn new techniques. The last 15 minutes I will lead a guided meditation and savasana with adjustments designed to smooth out the body and mind. Deep and full relaxation, complete rejuvenation in 180 min. It will be beautiful!

What you will receive:

  • A vigorous flow with sequencing designed to cleanse the internal organs and relieve the body of bloating, fatigue, anxiety, irritability and other ailments.

  • Twists, hip openers, inversions and kriyas intended to facilitate energetic shifts (e.g. nauli, agni sara, uddiyana bandha—deep cleansing core work).

  • Exploration of alignment, breath, and core-building techniques needed to deepen your practice with confidence and ease

  • Learn to use classic poses to help develop the strength, coordination, and stability needed to find success while balancing on the hands or feet.


Please bring…
~water for sipping after the practice

~towel for sweat


~a strap or belt a block if you have one & any props you like

~genki energy :)

Be ready to sweat, ask questions and don’t be afraid to fall!

sold out
48 Hour Cancelation Fee
Please use this link to complete cancelation payment if you cannot attend.


You will be missed!