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New Year, New Workshop: Yoga Reboot! Breaking down Sun A, B, C, Vinyasa flow & many more asanas

Breaking Down Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar), Vinyasa Flow & many more poses from our daily NOW classes.

Take Your Practice to the Level!

Learn or revisit PROPER alignment of Sun A, B & C (yes there is a C), Vinyasa Flow as well as many of the asanas regularly cued in our sequences at NOW ( think Warrior I, II, III, Extended Side Angle, Pasarita A, B, C, Triangle, Standing Balances and more).

Those who are ready for more challenge, I will lead them into Arm Balances and Binds so you can begin to seamlessly incorporate them into your daily flow. You will gain the tools to tailor your own flow every class, as challenging as you like, deepen your practice.

This is a workshop for EVERY level, perfect if you are brand new to yoga and want to understand the fundamentals of alignment, or if you are a seasoned yogi but need an alignment reboot (we all do at some point!) and also want to learn/deepen your arm balances and bind transitions.

Come ready to learn, sweat and be challenged! You will leave with a new or improved understanding of asana alignment, new transitions and a few new Yoga tricks!

Use the link below to sign up and register early! Hope to see you!

Cost: $40


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