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Panama Private Island Retreat 2025

Isla  Boca Brava,
Panama 2025


Experience the ultimate lux yogic adventure and tropical oasis on this ALL-INCLUSIVE PRIVATE ISLAND yoga retreat. Selva Terra is a magical small boutique Island luxury resort located in Panama on the tip of a pristine island that runs into the Pacific Ocean, flanked by untouched jungle and tropical palm-lined beaches. It is a 15-minute boat ride from Boca Chica, bordering the unspoiled Marine Park "Archipielago de Chiriqui". From islands that boast kaleidoscopic coral reefs and epic swells, to untouched nature and incredible wild spaces waiting to be explored, Panama is somewhere to linger. No matter if you're looking for an energizing reset or a moment of stillness amidst the busyness of summer, this is the getaway for you. Escape to this enchanting island retreat for an incredible, bespoke, deep, connected and rejuvenating week of bliss led by Carla Herzenberg. 


Get ready to dive into a world of sun-kissed ease, pleasure, pure relaxation,  powerful yogic flow, adventures and big giant fun, surrounded by the beauty of this tropical paradise. This all-inclusive retreat was designed to take you on a blissful blend of daily yoga and daily island activities to nourish your mind, body and soul. We will have 2 -3 hours of yoga that will flow into adventures in both the ocean and jungle. Discover the magic of floating through mangroves by kayak or paddle board. You'll immerse yourself in the native jungle of Panama on horseback. Experience the island's indigenous forests, exotic wildlife (monkeys, sloths, toucans), and pristine untouched beaches by hiking trails. All of these adventure ARE INCLUDED.


This lux and lush retreat island is also eco-friendly and 100% solar powered. From the moment you arrive you will be taken care of, all you need to do is get here.

A private oasis on the Pacific ocean. All of the room are surrounded by the landscaped gardens and all have ocean-facing views. Just a stones throw away from the rooms lie the ocean facing infinity pool and two private beaches, one equipped with a wood fired pizza oven, beach club and bar. We have included daily group adventures (Jungle hikes, snorkeling the reefs or scuba if already certified, zip lining, horseback riding, and more), but you are also free to explore on your own. All your water toy needs are included: SUPs, Kayaks, Wakeboarding, Kite Surfing, Skurfing, Water skiing, Knee boarding & Surf boards and more.

All meals and snacks are included and are organic, locally sourced and masterfully created to showcase the produce and flavors of the season (wine, beer, soft drinks & smoothies are also all included). The cuisine is a fusion of International and Panamanian cuisine, each dish is carefully curated by the executive chef and Selva Terra will happily cater to all dietary preferences and requirements. The on-site chefs showcase ingredients to reflect what's found right here in Panama including local catch. Get ready for colorful and succulent meals, a private beach bar, BBQ and brick-fire oven for artisan pizzas. 

We will bask in the light, tropical vibes, joy, sweat, laughter, adventure, connection and lifted spirits. You will grow your yoga practice, give yourself love, self-care and truly live reboot. You will be present for yourself and come back glowing. Finding beauty, balance, and stillness amidst the flux and flow of life. Spend the week floating in the yoga shala, in the warm teal blue ocean waters, in the epic infinity pools and hiking and adventuring in the lush tropical jungle. You will return home longer, leaner, lighter and brighter. You deserve this reboot.

Panama Private Island Retreat 2025
Bali Soulshine Retreat 2024

Soulshine Retreat:
Ubud, Bali 2024


APRIL 27 - MAY 4  2024

Joy, connected flow, lifted frequencies and having BIG, giant fun will be a the center of this magical, soulful retreat. Over 7 days, we’ll dive into intention, being present to receive, we will flow and dance in a deep groove and beat-filled immersive daily yoga practice set in sun-lit treetop shalas, we will laugh and revel with late night dancing under stars, savor exotic and delicious meals and drinks and the fill our days with abundant exploration of the natural beauty, spirituality and magic that is Bali.

This will be a retreat for the mind, body and soul. We will float through this week in sheer bliss.

Soulshine Bali Retreat and Resort is luxury in the jungle. Soulshine was created by Michael and Sara Franti and is dedicated to togetherness and the art of gathering people to share in the joy of wellness, music, incredible food and good vibes. Live music and DJs are on the menu everyday. Located in the heart of Bali, it is a jungle paradise - surrounded by rice terraces, ancient temples and a beautiful river that runs along the edge of the property. Soulshine is also a working organic farm that provides the freshest food daily to our restaurant.

Hinduism is the soul of Bali with over 20,000 temples in Bali.

Incense burns throughout the villages as the local balinese offer their prayers three times a day to please the Gods. The air is sweet, and perfumed by the offerings. A sense of gratitude and love envelops you. We will be staying in the thousand year old ancient rice fields, still carefully harvested today in the old traditions. Ubud is best known for it's generations of artisans. Wood and stone carvers, silversmiths, painters, batik makers, weavers, these skills and talents are passed down and carefully preserved. Dancers move gracefully as their hands and eyes tell the stories of lifetimes ago. Bali is a feast for the senses with almost daily ceremonies celebrating the cycle of life.

This will be a FULL week of buoyant yoga bliss. 


INCLUDED in your reservation:

  • 2 yoga classes daily (with the exception of two afternoon excursions)

  • 3- 4 curated, off-property excursions with transportation and guides: 

  • secret beach

  • ancient temple tour

  • sun-rise volcano hike

  • Cultural dinner and fire ceremony

  • Access to Soulshine grounds and Infinity Pools

  • Breakfast & Dinner farm to table meals at the STAY HUMAN restaurant

  • Lounging at the super chic STAY HUMAN Day Club

  • and more...

At Soulshine Bali, one of our mantras is 100%...90% of the time. That means eating healthy is made easy and delicious. There are also plenty of opportunities to indulge in all the comfort foods we love. From insane juices to insane cocktails you will find exactly what you are craving. There is nothing that can replace the conversations and connection that happens over a great meal, breakfast and family style dinner is included. Guests are free to order their drinks, additional snacks and food off the a-la-carte menu through out the day. Room service is also available. Everything is prepared with your health and wellbeing in mind, catering to all dietary preferences including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free.

Many of our organic ingredients and produce come from our very own organic farm.


We will bask in the light, tropical vibes, joy, sweat, laughter, adventure, connection and lifted spirits. You will grow your yoga practice, give yourself love, self care and truly live the Bali Spirit. You will be present for yourself and come back glowing. Finding beauty, balance, and stillness amidst the flux and flow of life. Spend the week floating in the lush tropical jungle, rice paddy fields, infinity pools, ancient temples, crystal clear ocean and soft white sand beaches. You will return home longer, leaner, lighter and brighter. You deserve this reboot.

about Soulshine

This is a dream retreat, that will be held at Soulshine Bali including a newly expanded section with fresh, contemporary spaces influenced by Balinese design.

Soulshine is surrounded by the Bali jungle, rice fields, temples and a beautiful river that runs along the edge of the property. The property has luxury amenities, infinity pool, organic gardens, open air yoga shala and the Soul Bar & Soul Kitchen serving the ultimate in organic food and beverages from juices to cocktails. It is a truly magical place where real transformation happens. Only 15 minutes from Ubud, it’s the perfect location off the beaten path, but still close to explore the amazing food, shops, and services of Ubud.

Maui Mana


Live Aloha inMaui:
Find  your Mana



MARCH 12-17 2023

See the GLORIOUS pics below

Tap into and envelop yourself in the magical Hawaiian energy named Mana to enliven, strengthen and heal your body from inside out. Lumeria is the coveted wellness resort and gem in the high country of Maui, Hawaii. It is a serene, tropical jewel and island paradise with 5.6 acres of private retreat and offers beautiful views of the north shore and central valley. Lumeria Maui is located between the famous historic plantation towns of Paia and Makawao, with easy access to the best beaches and surf breaks on Maui’s north shore as well as a plethora of offsite adventure and learning experiences. A wellness resort exquisitely designed to offer an oasis of healing and tranquility to restore your soul. It’s the perfect haven for rejuvenating, rebooting, diving deeper and reconnecting with your yoga practice, fun and yourself.

This will be a week filled with light, tropical vibes, joy, sweat, laughter, adventure, connecting and lifted spirits. You will grow your yoga practice, give yourself love, self care and truly live aloha. Finding beauty, balance, and stillness amidst the flux and flow of life. Spend the week floating in the land of rainbows where the ocean and soft sand beaches meet the towering green mountains and waterfalls. You will return home longer, leane

r, lighter and brighter, full of Mana.

MAHALO with love & aloha

Metta x Lumeria

MARCH  2022 & 2023

 Refresh, Revive & Renew 


We are already booked for next October...
Let's revive, refresh and renew at the spectacular eco-chic Pachamama retreat center in Baja Mexico. Located just north of the effervescent beach community of Todos Santos, this magical retreat center wraps its guests in the electric colors and beauty of mother nature, where the desert meets the sea. Partnering with METTA YOGA, join Me for a boutique retreat experience that will offer students a balanced blend of invigorating morning vinyasa rooted in deep & connected sequencing that will lift our vibrancy for the day and juicy evening sunset flow to smooth out the body and mind, sealing-in all of the joy of this magical retreat. When we are not practicing, luxuriate with optional spa treatments and other activities such as on site massage and energy healing treatments, sweat lodge, surfing (surf lessons available), sea kayaking, horseback riding, mountain biking, nature hikes, or cooking classes. Beach sunsets, sparkling ocean light, and delicious cuisine await you.

Breathe, sweat, laugh, repeat in paradise!

Todos Santos 2022
Todos Santos 2022
Flamingo Weekend Retreat

The Flamingo Resort 
Mini Retreat



SEPTEMBER 24 - 25, 2022

Was Amazing...more to come

The Flamingo Resort is a mid-century marvel in The Valley of the Moon. The Flamingo’s vibe and amenities focus on relaxation, rejuvenation and big fun. The guest rooms are are designed to effortlessly blend the resort’s mid-century architecture with a fresh modern design, creating a sanctuary for guests to relax. The rooms feature oversized windows and reference the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s eras. The Flamingo also features a beautiful heated pool for swimming, soaking and sipping next to.


Our day will start with a deep, dynamic and vibrant Fiery to Restorative 2-HOUR yoga session with Carla Herzenberg. After getting lifted in yoga, you can luxuriate by the pool sipping and soaking or dive into a fabulous spa treatment. Lunch will be served poolside followed by a sound bath treatment to round out the day.  For those yogis staying the night we will toast and dine fireside at the Flamingo's Lazeaway Club Restaurant. 


This will be an AMAZING event: 2-hour yoga session, poolside lunch, sound bath treatment, soaking & sipping, optional spa treatments, an overnight stay in chic mid-century room ... A full day or fabulous overnight complete getaway! This is THE mini reboot ... you need it!

Flamingo Weekend Retreat Pooltime

Past Retreats:
Yoga , Onsen  & Renewal,  
Kamakura, Japan  2021

Kamakura, Japan, retreat was designed to reboot & renew our bodies, spirits and energy! We blissfully took our yoga practice to the beach...Ours days were comprised of 2-3 hour daily yoga sessions on the beach and in a beautiful studio (morning & sunset), we dined on delicious, organic, locally sourced  & amazing breakfasts & dinners, had a day of spa and onsen soaking, outdoor baths & spa treatments (massages & facials),  beach toasting, laughing, sweating, learning, connection &  pure joy.
We got deeper into our asana and subtle body practice. Yoga was a beautiful and challenging mix of vinyasa heat building and workshop style breakdown of postures to go to the next level of practice in both asana and meditations. It was a COMPLETE yogic reboot & yoga party! 

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