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Transformed by life experiences (the beautiful and the challenging) and the different styles of yoga that I have practiced over the last 20 years including, Bikram, Ashtanga, Hatha, Power, Jivamukti and Iyengar, I bring a sense of empowerment and fun, both physical and energetic, to every class. Through intention, humor, asana and pranayama my goal is to have every student leave class feeling longer, leaner, refreshed and renewed, physically and energetically. My style of teaching focuses on precise instruction that underscores the important relationship between alignment, breath, fluid movement and strength building. I put an emphasis on thoughtful sequencing and pace, giving students a vigorous, strong physical practice and a deeper internal connection. My classes are physically and mentally challenging, however I always work to meet the students where they are each day. I deliver each class in English and Sanskrit with an original playlists of music ranging from hip-hop, pop and deep house to jazz, Alt and Chanting. I incorporate demonstrations when needed and hands on adjustments. My goal is to create a space for expression, enthusiasm, fun, sweat, reflection and renewal.

I teach public classes at Sun & Moon Yoga, Gotanda​ (weekly morning classes & workshop schedule) ,  IYC Jinbocho Studio (weekly morning classes) and Kichijoji Dance Garage. I also lead private groups & workshops .

All classes are taught in English. I also lead international yoga retreats. Outside of Tokyo, I teach in California and Hawaii.






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Let the yoga and meditation joy wash over your practice. I am keeping it fun, connected and totally real...Breathe, Sweat, Laugh, Repeat.



Yoga , Onsen  & Sake Japan

Weekend Retreats comprised of daily yoga, exquisite nature & Japanese beaches, amazing food, onsen soaking, sake, laughter and joy. We will dig deeper into our practice, workshop style breakdown and flow. Meditation and connection, a complete yogic weekend reboot!  




The classes are mixed level, themed, vigorous flow, set to my original playlists of music from Hip-Hop, Pop, Deep House to Jazz, Alt and Chanting. I change my sequences each week for a challenging, vibrant, sweaty practice!



Private Group Yoga is an amazing yoga opportunity to create deeper and more focused attention in your practice. It is also an opportunity to flow with friends! Groups typically range from 8-20 yogis, I am happy to teach in private spaces (ex. apartment community rooms) & parks or outdoor spaces. 



Flowtastic is my Vinyasa Flow Outdoor Yoga Class set to music (seasonal and weather permitting) . We practice in  Yoyogi Park, Inokashira Park and Nogawa Park.

Set to my music /playlist of house, soul, r&b, pop and designed to enliven the body by flowing and sweating in the sun, surrounded by nature. Allow the positive ions from the trees and water bathe you as you dive into a vigorous, deep stretch and strengthening flow. Use the link to register (for free) for my group to receive updates, reminders and details. Savasana under the trees, basked in sun, amazing.



My yoga workshops are designed to deepen your practice with 2.5-hour, focused workshop-style flow, break down of asana, more in-depth pranayama all rooted around a specific theme. Workshops give students the space and time to ask questions and dig into a personal practice with me.




The classes are mixed level, themed, vigorous flow, set to my original playlists of music from Hip-Hop, Pop, Deep House to Jazz, Alt and Chanting. I change my sequences each week for a challenging, vibrant, sweaty practice!




Carla possesses the unique talent of creating yoga classes (live and recorded sessions online) that seamlessly integrate a grounding, spirit-centering physical meditation with a straight-up challenging power yoga workout, invigorated by a diverse and exceptional Carla curated soundtrack. Carla's yoga is rejuvenating, empowering, challenging, and FUN. Can you tell I'm in love with Carla Herzenberg Yoga?!

-Kelli, (A devoted Carla yogini for four years!)


Carla is an absolutely AMAZING yoga instructor! Her classes are dynamic and engaging, and you will sweat! She gives a lot of prompts and options to go deeper if you wish, so it's great for all levels. I prefer a faster pace and more challenging poses, so I especially love how she challenges you to come to your edge each class. I have never pushed myself so hard, nor have I ever been able to do what I can do now as a yogi. She has built my strength, flexibility and focus beyond anything I ever thought I could do. I can't recommend her enough! 


When I found Carla’s yoga class shortly after moving to Tokyo from the US, I was ecstatic. Carla’s enthusiasm, deep knowledge and perfectly designed sequences are what my yoga practice was missing.  Now that we need to practice virtually, I’m so happy Carla has built up her site for both live and video recorded classes. Every week she is adding new practices and formats, and in true Carla fashion, keeping things fresh and fun.  The subscription is well worth the investment! 


I have been practicing yoga for 15 years.  One of the most important things for me is finding a teacher I connect with.  That means someone who has a wide range of knowledge to challenge every student in class at their level, inspire with creative sequences, and be warm, friendly and genuine.  Carla is all of that and more.  I am a better yogi because of her awesome teaching.



Carla herzenberg Yoga


Before moving to Tokyo last year, it had been at least 5 years since I connected deeply with my yoga practice. I was warmly welcomed into a new community of dedicated yogis, and after just one invigorating and dynamic flow class with Carla, I was already feeling back on track. Carla offers an exciting and unique trifecta of music, movement, and strength that builds skill and stamina over time. Whether I'm taking an in-person class or following one of her video classes or live flow, Carla's classes are fun, and her supportive nature has everyone growing, changing, and stretching their limits of body and mind.


Carla’s classes are my absolute favorite.  The minute I hit my mat and hear her voice, I exhale as I know I have a beautiful flow with a killer playlist waiting for me.  Her positive energy bursts through my screen and with so many different classes to choose from, I am always excited to try something new.


Carla’s online yoga program is the perfect option for your at home practice. She offers a wide variety of class options with detailed descriptions so you can select the perfect class to meet your specific practice goals and time commitment.  For each class, Carla models every pose beautifully while offering modifications for all skill levels and guides you through the practice under the backdrop of her perfectly curated playlists. You will leave her class feeling sweaty, strong, stretched and centered!


Carla's online classes have literally kept me alive during quarantine - her classes are filled with energy, power and love that your body and mind will devour with appreciation : )  Perfect for busy peeps who can only find 30 min or 45 min during the day. These classes will open up your chakras and change your life!!


Carlas classes have become my lifeline in Tokyo. Her groove and  spirited energy coupled with her immense yoga expertise ensures that all classes that I attend are powerful and sweaty. Cannot wait to see her LIVE in all of her glory as soon as I can! 


I loved practicing with Carla in person. Obviously, doing videos online isn't the same, but, hers come pretty darn close. The flows are well cued and the classes are challenging while also being fun. One of the things I appreciate the most is the quality of the video creation. The sound is really good and you can her Carla and the music. I have been doing her classes every day and my practice has continued to grow from my own home.


Carla is amazing! Her classes are strong, powerful, and sweaty. She provides an experience that pushes me physically, yet also reminds me that patience, and self-compassion are equally as important for growth. Carla creates dynamic and energetic sequences that feel joyful and fun. She also pairs these with the most awesome playlists that make me feel motivated, yet relaxed. Highly recommended! 


I'm absolutely loving the yoga videos.  Since registering, I've been doing a yoga session just about every other day and I've been loving the flexibility to do this at home, whenever I can squeeze it in between getting ready for the move, distance learning, and trying to stay sane. I love all the twists and feel incredible afterwards. It's making a huge difference during this very stressful month! Thank you!


I am a lifelong runner and was a somewhat reluctant beginner yogi when I started Carla's classes.  But it didn't take long for me to become inspired by Carla's energy and practice, and I'm now an enthusiastic yogi!  In her classes I see the growth I've made in what I am able to do, but much more importantly is how much better I feel:  stronger core, more open shoulders and posture, and a happier spirit. 


Carla is warm, personable, and real in her yoga classes. As someone who's attended in-studio, via livestream, and recorded, she always shows up with energy, adjustments for every level, and awesome music to groove to during your flow. If you want to sweat, laugh, and most importantly, feel safe and free to play during your practice, Carla's vigorous vinyasa is for you!


Once I had tried Carla's vinyasa yoga class I was sure there is no need to look for any other classes. I just followed her through different studios around Tokyo and now as I'm back in Europe I join the zoom classes plus use her videos. Carla always cheers me up and also encourages to try new stuff and go further. I appreciate her guidance - giving different variations of the asanas to choose from and reminding me of the tiny nuances which matter so much in yoga. The spirit of the class is modern, fancy, funny - l love it!

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